What I'm listening to... "CrossWest" by NÖST

May 23, 2018

I'm on SoundCloud. Did you know?


I am. But I'll be honest, I often find it a disorienting ordeal. That might seem dramatic, but if you are on SounCloud too you might understand what I'm talking about. You're never quite sure if you're interacting with real or genuine people. 'Likes' that your songs acquire are usually just to bait you into checking out their channel - which itself might even be an actual other creative, but just some promotions 'company' trying to garner as many hollow likes and follows as they can.


But I still use it to host my tracks, and occasionally try to use it to find new music.


Every now and then by efforts or gloriously rewarded.


I was listening to Father Christmas (a local Toronto band who are also worth your attention) and when I finished, the SoundCloud algorithm actually showed me something amazing...




This is easily the best "W.I.L.T." I've ever done!




(PS. I am aware that I talked about listening on SoundCloud and linked to BandCamp... the former is good for discovery and the latter is good for support!!!)

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January 26, 2018

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