What I'm listening to... "AQUARIA" by BOOTS

May 9, 2018

Even if you've never heard of BOOTS, it is likely that you are familiar with his work.


I first heard his solo work on NPRs' All Songs Considered on which they played "Run Roulette" and from that very first bar of a single dirty-as-fuck bass line (if that even is a bass) I knew he was speaking my language.


(I Run Roulette) 


Sure enough his debut full length album "AQUARIA" is an absolute monster from start to finish. 


My favourite song off "AQUARIA" is actually the opening track "Brooklyn Gamma". I mean... those drums.


Anyways, sorry (to my non existent legion of fans lol) for the mini-break there. My partner and I moved to a new apartment and I figured I should just pause some stuff until we resettled.



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January 26, 2018

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